Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Where did the values in this database come from? How can I trust those values?

Answer: The values in the ASNS mainly come from the nutritional modeling effort based on the effectively compiling, integrating, and interpreting available information (research-based or farm-specific information). The nutritional specification contained in this database are guidelines for users to get information about a certain fish species. The data in the FICD came from the compilation of reliable information from a variety of documents and databases, and data obtained from the network of industry contacts in the feed industry in Asia and in Latin America on the chemical composition and nutritive value of about 300 feed ingredients used in aquaculture feeds in Asia. In many cases, the information on composition of feed ingredients deemed similar was merged compiled and averaged to develop a reference value. Numerous parameters in the FICD were also estimated using a series of mathematical nutritional models developed over three decades by the UG-FNRL.

2. Can I download the data from the online website?

Answer:Yes. When you find the data you need for your specific fish species or feed ingredients, just click the blue button “Export to CSV” on the right top of your screen. The format of the downloaded file is CSV and it can be opened by excel.

3. I found out that some composition of the feed ingredients or the nutritional specification of some species are different from the data I have.

Answer:A series of coefficients were developed in order to allow users to estimate the nutrient contents of ingredients as a function of variation of crude protein, lipid and ash content of ingredients.

4. Can I upload my own data into the IAFFD?

Answer:Unfortunately, users cannot upload data into the IAFFD databases. However, feedback and sharing of information is highly welcome. Please submit your feedback, request, data, suggestions to . Your feedback will be taken into account and the databases adjusted accordingly. We may contact you for more information. Please be as specific as possible with your feedback and do not hesitate to send us data.